About The Undrground

The Undrground is a collection of tools and services for the Lukso ecosystem. We are a team of developers, and enthusiasts who believe that the future of blockchain is in the hands of the builders. We are building tools that make it easy to launch your next NFT project, trade with better tools and more control than the tools currently availible, and help speed up your development with the use of our APIs and packages.

Our goal is not to build your idea for you (but we may if you reach out), or gatekeep the ability to launch your own project. But to provide a platform of tools to assist you in the process of making that happen. We believe that the Lukso community is only as strong as those building on it. We are here to take the foundation the legendary Lukso team has build and expand on it so that anyone can build with ease.

With all that being said, development takes time, and we have a army of two development team. So ask for your patience as we work to bring you the best tooling we can, theres alot in our pipeline for the future. We are always open to feedback, suggestions. Reach out on socials or hop in our discord to get in touch.

The Team



aka fyzz

Lead Developer

Keagan is a full stack developer with a passion for blockchain, he comes from a web development and cyber security background with 12 years of personal and professional experience building web applications for companies to run their business operations. He is fully self taught and love to learn and share his knowledge with others, fluent in many languages and frameworks, and is always looking for the next thing to learn and build.



aka rq

Lead Developer

Roni is a skilled computer programmer specializing in blockchain technology. With a background in enterprise systems, web & smart contract development, He excels in implementing and maintaining critical systems. Experienced in NFT development and decentralized protocols, Roni combines technical expertise with a user-centric approach. He is passionate about growth and contributing to the blockchain industry's evolution.